I am such a dork and in that place right now where I feel the need to tell you all (the none of you that read this) that after 30 minutes and three tries I finally got my domain name changed, came up with a name for my blog and feel like I am have this baby ready to roll.

Now that means that hard stuff. I also realize it doesn’t mean everything being put out right away. But slowly, as the Lord allows the truth will be told. Because it’s time.

It may also be time to be silly and post random stuff that Abigail and I do. Or keep everyone updated on the brain surgery I just had. Oh yeah did I forget to mention that? I had brain surgery on 2/21/13. On a fun note, because I had my skull and my neck opened up and by poked around at I’m on a ton of narcotics so there might be some really, REALLY random stuff that gets posted up on this place 🙂

This will be a journey and I would really love it if you’d join me. Because as we’ve learned through Christ and the disciples it’s not a journey we can take alone.