Walking into the house, she noticed the people dining with Him and she felt very small, scared, ashamed and unnoticed.

But the she sees Him. The man she came to see. The One she heard was the Healer, the Lover of the broken, the messy and the tattered.

Walking over to Him she suddenly felt as though her insides have been turned outward and that He can see her guts, splayed out, cut open and spilled on the dirty floor.

When He looked up at her the look in His eyes was one of love, one that said “you are beautiful and I SEE you, come sit here with Me”

He pulled up a chair next to Him motioning for her to sit beside him. He poured her a glass of wine and laid out a plate.

But all she could do was run to His feet and grab them. Clinging, as if she were to let go everything would fall away.

He didn’t seem angry by this gesture. Rather it seems as though He had been expecting it.

The tears started to fall from her eyes immediately. Fat, heavy, old tears from years of pain began to fall onto His feet that were dirt crusted from all the time He spent outside.

She did not care. As the tears fell relief began to creep into her heart and she began to kiss those feet. Of the One whom others said was either God or a lunatic.

The people dining with Him began to laugh and shout at her.

“What are you doing?”

“He CAN’T make you better”

“YOU, of all people will NEVER be better”

These people have known her all of her life, seen what she’s done, her sin and they love to point it out to her to remind her that she will never be better.

With a glance He looked at them, a piercing look and said:

“This woman here, she is my daughter, my Beloved. Your insults and the shame you have tried to hold over her head have lasted long enough.”

“You do not get to tell her who she is or isn’t anymore. I have seen this woman walk out of the darkness and into the light in the face of the pain you continue to inflict.”

“But today, TODAY she decided NO MORE. I see her stepping out, even further by coming here to see me, knowing you’d be here to try and stop her.”

With that their angry, hate filled voices stopped.

Her heart settled back into her chest and she looked up at Him, into His eyes that were so clear. Eyes that spoke a depth of love, grace, acceptance and truth that was foreign to her.

He took a ceramic jug from the table and began to pour water onto the top of her head. So cool was the water that flowed. It soaked her hair, ran into her eyes, down her neck and soaked the gray tank top she was wearing.

Even though by all means of possibility the jug should have emptied by now but it didn’t. The water kept flowing.






He put His hand under her chin and lifted her face she that it met His. Brushing the hair away from her forehead He kissed her there, right in the middle as a Father would.

Then leaving His chair He sat down on the dirty floor with her, now muddy from the water and pulled her next to Him.

Putting His arm around her He said:

“My daughter, in whom I am well pleased”

As Always,


PS:  Go here and have a listen.  I promise…. It’s good 🙂