This is part four of a series I am hosting through December and January.  Having one of my dearest soul sisters share her heart felt words here in my corner is a huge honor and I am excited for this post to go live.  Her words pack a punch.  One of grace, truth, beauty and reverence for Him.

The one who calls her beautiful.


Sometimes you have to write what they say you are, even if you don’t believe it yourself. by they, I mean the ones who have the knowing, the ones that speak Life into your soul. they’re the ones that camp out and hold vigil for your spirit.

Sometimes you have to scream louder than the lies in your head. sometimes you need to suffocate them in the scent of Sharpie and the realization that you are better than you let yourself believe.

The human skin is the largest organ of the body. it’s the most exposed, the most vulnerable, the most visible. and somehow, in this strange upside-down world, it’s the most loathed and despised, especially by those who claim to live in the shadow of the Cross.


I was always told, He makes no bad thing, and then was told to cover myself as much as possible. I learned early on what parts of my body were “bad,” what parts held mighty power to cause those of the opposite gender to be swayed deeply into sin. and the blame fell solely on my skin.

But I’m learning, this etching of ink on my skin. I already have tattoos, four of them, with plans for more. each one of them tells a story, a reminder that my body is a canvas, art and beautiful with a rich roaring power.


He made it, woven with sacred thread and fabric by the Hand of the Unseen. He made this tapestry and slipped it over bones and structure. He Himself became God cloaked in this same material, wrapped around Himself, using it to touch and heal and love.

He does not hate my skin.


It’s the perfect place to write love and speak of forgiveness. it’s the most visible. it’s the most bare. and so I’m writing truth about myself on this largest organ, this canvas woven by He Who Sees Me.

Beautiful. lioness. wild.


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