I say each time I put up a post for this series how honored I am that each person is pouring their words, their hearts and souls yet more importantly their skin into this series.

This vulnerablity is beautiful.  I think often we forget that our words come from so much more than just our souls but bleed out from our pores.  Some of us have them etched on our skin permantly in tattoos, some use sharpies.

That is why this series is so important to me.

To bring our words, my friends words to LIFE.

On Skin.

Today I bring you Jennifer.  Without her I would be loco, okay I may still be loco but far less because of her.  She is a beautiful soul.  A gifted writer, photographer and sister.

Here she is.


Profound awareness
Rises to the surface
As truth is brushed across my skin
By the one whose artful expression
I make pleasure in
I roar and wrestle
Capture and claim
Truth no longer denied
But now proclaimed
I am Haunting and Holy
Vulnerable and Free
A gypsy wanderer mapping out places
Sometimes only my prophetic eyes can see
Jennifer Upton is a storyteller, an excavator of the sacred, exploring the world with an open and listening heart, diving deep into the jungled areas of life to uncover the stories hidden there. She writes as an act of faith, sharing the gritty truth and beauty of life on the pages of her blog, Spiritualglasses.me and Asharedlens.smugmug.com
Photo Credit Belongs To: KathrynNeePhotography.com