If I were to start writing all the writing all the ways that I love Jamie Bagley I would burst into tears and would not be able to finish posting her beautiful words.

I met Jamie when were both in the summer semester of Story Sessions.  It was a beautiful yet trying time as a learned how to let my voice escape from a trapped cage.

Jamie was always the one who encouraged me.  Her comments on my posts, her kind words and now her beautiful letters that come in the mail that I pin right next to mirror; so that I can read them every day.  Mostly it’s her believing for me that I am something worthy of greatness….. When I cannot for myself.

I am above honored that she agreed to be a part of this series.  We had many hilarious conversations about the pictures, what to write, what to use to write and if to possibly be, dare I say it……

Scandalous (collective GASP)

Enter Jamie and her beautiful words

Body of Messages

Sometimes I want to break the mirror

Before it breaks me

With the insults,

The lies,

The disdain

That says I am both

Not enough and too much.

I pursue what it means

To be “just right”

And it doesn’t look like masks

Or tucks

Or running in place for 10000 steps

In hopes the weight will





I need to write words to myself- on myself

To let the truth sink in deep,

Embracing it

With my senses.

Perhaps I just need new eyes

To see the beauty

Already there.

To write is enabling me

To erase the conditions I put

On loving the form

That was gifted to me.



These are the words my soul needs to hear;

The ones that will inform my vision:

“Oh belly, those stretching scars you’ve had

Since you became a mother

Are not at all a shame or waste.

You don’t have to be flat to be a wonder;

Round is the shape of beauty, too.


It gives you a sense

Of the depth of Creator love

To bear a wounded globe

Beneath your heart;

One whose heaviness

Can make you short of breath.

A Mother’s Love is willing to carry that burden.”


It is glorious

And empowering

To love the parts of myself

I struggle to accept.

(Even the red-dotted upper arms.)

It is good

And it is holy.

In the eyes of my Father,

I am sacred.

So are you, my friend. So are you.


Jamie Wright Bagley lives in Willowbrook, IL with her husband and 3 children. She spends her days homeschooling and caring for her free-spirited offspring. She prioritizes family and simple living. She will never ever turn down a good cuppa tea. In stolen time she writes poetry and music, blogs athttp://avanomaly.blogspot.com/ and occasionally hangs out on Twitter @BagsEnd04.