I met Abby through Story Sessions not only do she and my daughter share a semi-name, we also share a love of Wonder Woman (wink wink) and black nail polish.

Abby is a kick ass teacher, writer and poetry coach.

And I love her dearly.  Also because she loves scarves.



It is never my one-word. Because it is my always word. It is always about abundance with me. Do I believe it? Do I really believe that there is enough? If I did, if I did really believe those words, how would my life change?

I wonder about the generosity I am capable of, if only I believed there was enough to go around.  If I believed my portion was secure, if I believed that there would be enough for tomorrow, enough for my loved ones, enough left for me.

2014-01-13 20_13_25

I am a working mom, a high school teacher with two little ones at home. I have people needing me all day long. I sometimes feel like my two constant mantras are I’m sorry and Just a minute, it is coming. There is always more to accomplish, always something I didn’t get to, always one more thing that has to wait. It is hard to remember that I am enough. Just as I am. Because I was made that way.

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It is good for me to remember that there is only so much these hands can accomplish in a day, and rest is, in and of itself an accomplishment. It is good to remember that my offerings are enough, and when they are not the grace is enough. That amidst the deadlines, the bustling, the feeding, the grading, that these hands are enough for the work of today. The work of today is enough to sustain until tomorrow.

The lessons of enough, may they bleed into my skin, etch permanently in my hands, sink into my heart until it learns to beat.

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Abby lives and loves in the city of Atlanta. She swears a lot more than you would think for a public school teacher and mother of two under three. She can’t help that she loves all words.She believes in champagne for celebrating every day life, laughing until her stomach hurts and telling the truth, even when it is hard, maybe especially then. You can find her blogging at accidentaldevotional and tweeting at @accidentaldevo.

Follow her guys, she’s funny as shit.