I feel like I have been writing a lot of incredibly difficult stuff lately.  Even though it’s good for my soul to process those out through writing it tends to weigh down my heart too.

I decided I wanted to mix it up a little so I am going to do a list of 25 things that you might not know about me.

Hopefully this is more fun and offers some comic fodder for you, my readers.

  1. I am afraid of cotton balls.  Esp the ones that come in medicine bottles.  The texture freaks me out and sometimes I use scissors or a knife to get it out.
  2. I had a mega, MEGA crush on Tom Cruise when I was little.  I mean come on, it was Top Gun.
  3. I’d rather be barefoot than wear shoes, but I also love shoes and buying them.
  4. I have a badass boy voice when reading stories out loud to Abigail.
  5. I broke my nose at Water World just walking up the stairs.
  6. I wanted to be an ophthalmologist when I was in 7th grade.  It started after we dissected a sheep eye.
  7. I had my first surgery at 3 to repair a hernia.  The second at 9 after the broken nose incident.  The last one was at 31 when I had brain surgery.
  8. I won a writing competition in 5th grade and got to have my story read at the ceremony.
  9. I was a cheerleader for five years.
  10. When I was in 6th grade I begged my parents to send me to Barbizon, the modeling school.  I went, that’s when I learned how to smoke. 
  11. I smoked from 11 until I was 24 and got pregnant.
  12. I had been to rehab at least 15 times before I got pregnant and really got clean.
  13. I can sing the entire opening song to The Golden Girls…… “Thank you for being a friend”
  14. I am addicted to cardigans and scarves.  So much so that in the winter I sleep in them.
  15. I had hammer pants in 4th grade.  I thought I was badass.
  16. I haven’t spoken to my father in five years.
  17. I love sending snail mail so if you want to be my pen pal let me know.
  18. All of my best friends live in other states.  We all met either through Twitter, Facebook and a writing course I took last summer.
  19. Phineas and Ferb is actually one of my favorite shows.  I’ll watch it even when Abigail is not home.
  20. My favorite sandwich when I was younger was grilled cheese with peanut butter.
  21. I started reading Danielle Steel books at 11, mixed in with The Babysitters Club :0
  22. I love to color in coloring books, and not just with Abigail.
  23. I have never had flowers sent to me.
  24. TOMS are my favorite shoes, so much so that they have become part of my identity.
  25. In high school our English teacher asked a friend of mine to house sit for her while they were on vacation.  We promptly used the key to have a party.  She found a couple beer bottles we hadn’t thrown away and busted us at school.

I could probably list more, most would be serious stuff.  I love making lists like this, especially with other people.  It’s fun to get to know the random things about people that aren’t necessarily a part of our everyday conversations.

I hope you enjoyed and feel free to write your own and post it in the comments section on my blog.

As Always,