Let’s see things that take my breath away; that’s a hard one because there are so many different things.  One I picked this topic out of my topics jar, since the last post was heavy.  This one will be more light hearted and fun.

When I think of things that make me breathless I get caught up.  Caught up in what the beauty of simple means and what the gravity of what the deep wants.

These are my languages and it’s tough to share them because it means I am being vulnerable with the things that make my heart pound.

  1. Fresh flowers, wild or otherwise
  2. Little baby laughter
  3. 8 year old who ask to snuggle in the middle of the night
  4. 8 year old who want to hold my hand or ask for hugs
  5. Kid laughter, jokes and differences
  6. Fair trade chocolate, with fair trade coffee in my a big cappuccino mug.
  7. Loud crazy thunder storms, esp when I can sit in a chair and read.
  8. The same goes for wicked snow storms. When it’s coming down hard and fast I love staring out the window, with cocoa or coffee and my journal.
  9. Fresh Baked bread
  10. Songs about Jesus that aren’t remotely boyfriend ish or cheerleader, cheesy Jesus. One of those is “Turn it all around” by Misty Edwards, “Maybe There’s a Loving God” by Sara Groves and “Between the Cracks” by John Mark McMillian lastly “All the Poor and Powerless” by All Sons and Daughters.
  11. Coffee, Coffee, Coffee
  12. Croissants and roses
  13. Dressing the way I want to
  14. My nose ring
  15. Abigail’s idea’s and creativity
  16. Her stories
  17. Her love
  18. Her absolute forgiveness of me
  19. Painting
  20. Getting paint all over my hands
  21. Phrases, notes, scripture, love letters, happy mail.
  22. Healing tears
  23. Birth stories – Every time I lose it. There is something about birth that hits my core
  24. Pictures that Abigail draws of me/us
  25. Happy mail (I think I listen it twice, but it feels good knowing people care and are thinking of us)
  26. Regular songs “Walk the Line” Johnny and June Carter Cash “House of the Rising Son” The Doors, Janis Joplin “Take another piece of my heart” “Man on Fire” Edward Sharpe “So What” by Pink, “Mama’s don’t let your babies grow up to be cowboys” Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard.
  27. When the winds blows across my shoulders and I know I am not alone
  28. A good dance party, by myself
  29. “The Dork Dance”
  30. Little hands
  31. My dreads.. MY DREADS. I could not forget how much joy they bring me.
  32. Lavender
  33. Soul Friends
  34. Sunsets
  35. Sunrises
  36. The Mountains

So now you know a few of the things that stir and melt my hearts.  I like writing lists like this because it gives me the opportunity to break down the exterior and persona as a blogger that I feel like I should have.  I get to open up and show you the real, becoming me.

The becoming me is where a lot of these breathtaking things from.  Before healing and hope I didn’t know there could be things in my life that were beautiful, lovely and breathtaking.

I think that is why I wanted to break up the painful stuff with this.

If you want to join in on gathering your own list of things and want to share it.  Come back to this post, comment with the link your blog in it, then comment on someone else’s posts.

Thanks So Much!!

I hope you enjoy.

As Always,