It’s October 1st.  That means the start of fall.  This is the season I could stay in forever.  The days are crisps, the nighttime smells like the mountains.  I get to combine my two favorite wardrobe choices; scarves and cardigans AND it rings in the pumpkin pie errrrrr I mean holiday season.

It’s also the first day of the 31days blog challenge, which encourages bloggers to write and post everyday for the month of October.  I have never done it before and considering that I am inconsistent at best in posting I am going to give it my best attempt.  It will be good for me to write with intention, which isn’t something I always do.

I am picking a topic that I struggle with and giving myself permission to write shorter posts.  I tend to write 1000+ word posts.  This is all a new area for me so I am wading in with pessimist toes.  I really want to follow through because my topic is one that I could use some serious writing about.

What’s my topic?


I haven’t written about my faith or faith in general in a long time.  I have been dancing around the issue mostly because I am partially afraid of the response; from both myself and those around me.  Honestly this is probably the hardest topic for me to write about because I feel like I am in such murky Jesus waters (I don’t know what that means, it just sounded good.)

It’s highly doubtful that I will be raw and vulnerable with each post.  I might even do some research and post about other faith related matters as well.  Honestly, not knowing exactly where this is going to go is kind of exciting.

Will you join me in these murky Jesus waters as I wade through my faith over the last eight years?  It would be a pleasure if you all would join me in conversation as I talk about matters of faith.

As Always,