~I started this blog I wrestling very hard with my faith and god. I used this place to work through my hurt, anger, and newfound lack of trust in god.

~because my faith has changed so greatly I am certain the blog will take a different turn and that’s ok, it’s life.

~I will still write about my spirituality, the healing process to get there, and the freedom in it all.

~My current journey with my wild man and the healing that has come through our relationship.

~My daughter and our relationship. Though I do keep her personal healing journey as private as I can, I do write about our joint healing process and how my parenting has reformed.

~My heart for equality in ALL areas of life. LGTB, race, gender, ethical food, human trafficking, fair pay for labor and work.

~ Feminism and how I experience it and it means to me.

~childhood and young adult abuse. including but not limited to sexual assault.

~living with C-PTSD and the long road to healing.

~purity and modesty culture, and how they messed me up for a long time.



~I’m sharing my story here. Writing out of a dark place where I can see the glimmers of light but the darkness still needs time to be sifted through.

~if it’s in my brain and needs to expressed most likely it’ll be here.

~DO NOT debate theology.  Straight UP.  I know some of the things that I write about might be theologically unsound to someone else and that’s ok.  We are all human and we are all learning (hopefully) to live in this beautiful tension with one another.  If something I write bothers you, you do have the choice to not read it. I’m not here to be convinced I’m dammed to hell.

I hope you’ll join me on my foray into watching the darkness pass.